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Server Configurations

Windows Server and IIS

All of our servers are based on MS Windows and Internet Information Server. Speed will no longer be your concern since your website is hosted on MS Windows which has proven to surpass other server platforms.

Hosting Asiaalso offers Microsoft .NET Enterprise Server based hosting options, Web applications will gain measurable benefits by depolying to .NET platform, combining with the power of Windows Server family, ASP.NET, C#, MS SQL Enterprise Server and Commerce Server, etc. Please contact sales team for detailed information if you are interested in hosting your next generation Web applications with Hosting Asia.

MS FrontPage 2000

Microsoft FrontPage 2000We are a Microsoft Registered Web Presence Provider and we receive full server extension support directly from Microsoft! Due to its ease of use, powerful management and editing features, FrontPage 2000 has become a standard for Internet development. Our clients can ask for extensions to be installed on their site free of charge so that they may be able to take advantage of all the great benefits. These server extensions also support MS Visual InterDev and other publishing software.

MS Visual InterDev 6.0

Visual InterDev 6.0Microsoft Visual InterDev 6.0 (formerly code-named "Internet Studio"), the newest member of the visual tools family, empowers Web application developers to rapidly build fully interactive, dynamic Web sites. With visual development features and powerful database tools, Visual InterDev 6.0 provides the most complete and technically advanced development system for building both intranet and Internet applications.(Server Application and Tools installed.) We currently support Visual Interdev v 1.0 and 6.0. We will offer the newest versions as they become available. Go here to find out more about Microsoft Visual InterDev: http://msdn.microsoft.com/vinterdev

Drumbeat 2000 Support

Drumbeat 2000Drumbeat 2000(tm) is the fastest, easiest way to build Web interfaces to databases and applications using Active Server Pages (ASP) - without manual coding.

Designed to meet the time demands of Web application developers, Drumbeat dramatically shortens the time-to-solution for powerful ASP applications that dynamically interact with users and back-end systems. Its visual drag-and-drop interface and sophisticated Wizards enable you to quickly develop Web applications that access and update data in real time, and work across all major browsers.

Drumbeat automatically generates ASP, JavaScript, VBScript and HTML. New Drumbeat 2000 features include integrated support for stored procedures and parameterized queries, an enhanced DataForm Wizard, point-and-click support for COM and ASP Objects, over 500 reusable components and interactions - and its fully extensible. Drumbeat 2000 is the fastest way to create and deploy ASP applications.

Unlimited FTP updates

Our clients may publish and maintain their web sites through unlimited use of FTP (File Transfer Protocol) client software. Many development clients require FTP for publishing to the web.

Anonymous FTP

Anonymous FTP is available by special request. Users will be able to access a portion of your web site without any authentication required. You can specify a directory within your web site in which you would allow Anonymous FTP access to. You can also specify the permissions you would like to set for your anonymous users.

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