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Multimedia Streaming

RealAudio and RealVideo

RealAudio and RealVideo allow browsers to listen or view multimedia files as they are downloading, rather than having to wait for the entire document to download before opening it. In this manner, large multimedia files can be viewed efficiently.

We have full support for RealAudio and RealVideo. With software from RealNetworks called RealPublisher, you can create streaming audio and videos for your site without using your own streaming server.

If you need the content to be protectd from download or access with username and password, please contact us if you want to add Real Server strearming service to your existing hosting service.

Visit RealNetworks at http://www.real.com for more information.

MacroMedia Shockwave

Using MacroMedia Director or Flash, web designers can create web-based vector animations that add extreme interactivity to their sites and make what would otherwise be a static site appear smooth, lively, and energetic. The plug-in called the Shockwave Flash Player is what allows a browser to view these animations. Both the plug-in and the animations are extremely compact, so there's a minimum of loading time.

MIDI Music Support

MIDI is the basis for most electronic music today and is a format readable by most modern synthesizers and computer soundcards. MIDI files do not contain the actual music of a song, just information telling your computer's soundcard what notes to play. Unlike a massive .wav file that eats up a staggering 10mb per minute of audio, depending on the complexity of the arrangement a 5 minute MIDI song can be as small as 20k, meaning it downloads almost instantly.

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