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GO GREEN - Hosting Asia has embraced Green IT and we are environmental friendly since 2010 !

Hosting Asia - Powered By DELL's Poweredge, Powervault and Equallogic !

Why Us

Helping Your Business Succeed Online !!!

Already one of the largest Web hosting providers in Asia, Hosting Asia is a subsidiary under Interactive Asia Venture Capital Group. We specialized in providing fast and reliable hosting services for web developers and resellers throughout the world. Whether you're just starting and looking for a simple web presence or you're an advanced website developer looking to integrate e-commerce and databases into your site, you'll find that we have the services, tools and staff to help you every step of the way.

Working from the huge facilities, Hosting Asia's Internet Data Center provides 24-hour reliability and security, supported by privately owned OC-3 fiber optic ring - securing more bandwidth and secure pathways than any other host. Add redundant connectivity and multiple geographic carriers to this node, and you can sleep easy, knowing that your business is safe.

Nothing short of a nuclear war could cause Hosting Asia's servers to fail, as their emergency backup protocol consists of an array of auto-starting Caterpillar diesel generators that constantly monitor power levels, for truly uninterrupted service.

The superior facilities and service are the reason why thousands of Websites, hundreds of thousands of e-mail accounts and data services rely on Hosting Asia to provide "Comprehensive Hosting Done Right."


Hosting Asia connects to the public Internet via redundant OC-3's, which are currently at less than 10% capacity. Additionally, all of our managed dedicated server packages come with Intel based processors standard. What this means for you is lightning fast delivery of your web pages.


Hosting Asia's tag line is "Powered by Engineers." What we mean when we say that is that our engineers make the difference. Our engineering staff is always available to answer any questions you might have. More importantly, they are there to resolve technical issues and to ensure that your application or web site is running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.


Hosting Asia has developed a cost conscious network services platform that is on par with larger managed hosting companies in the industry at a fraction of the cost.

How do we achive it?

Simple. Value engineering. We asked our engineers to develop solutions that were cost aware. The result is a proprietary network architecture that delivers outstanding reliability, performance and security at price point that will make your finance department as happy with Hosting Asia's prices as you are with Hosting Asia's results.


Hosting Asia's philosophy is to hire only the best engineers with excellent problem solving skills and a passion for technology.

The result: The best engineering team in the business.

What this means to you: You benefit from experienced professionals that are dedicated to the success of your company's Internet business functions.


With Hosting Asia's managed hosting solutions you can relax and get back to running your business. We take care of everything from connectivity to the Internet through your servers' operating system. What's more we monitor each layer of your web presence to make sure it working properly. And you can remotely access your server from anywhere in the world to upload content or make changes. What could be more convenient than that?


With Hosting Asia's managed dedicated server solutions, you get industry leading availability. What's more, our engineers help you get to market fast.


Hosting Asia's 8-layer security model means that you get the security you need. You decide how secure your application needs to be and we develop a plan of action to implement it and maintain it.

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