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GO GREEN - Hosting Asia has embraced Green IT and we are environmental friendly since 2010 !

Hosting Asia - Powered By DELL's Poweredge, Powervault and Equallogic !

Cloud Dedicated Servers

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  • Pay As You Go with NO MINIMUM CONTRACT, bill by monthly and 3%/6%/12% discount for 3/6/12 months contract and pre-payment.

Managed Dedicated Server Hosting

What is a Dedicated Server?
A dedicated server is a server that is leased to a single customer. The server hardware, routing equipment, and network connectivity are monitored and maintained by Hosting Asia while the server software and setup is maintained by the customer.

Why choose a Dedicated Server?
Our dedicated servers solution is based on latest cloud technology that offers the highest availability and scalability with Pay-As-You-Go (PAYG) model built in mind. Furthermore, Hosting Asia has already embraced Green IT and we are environmental friendly since 2010.

With a dedicated server you have sole use and precise control over your Web sites. Unlike web (or shared) hosting programs, you and your site visitors are the only users of the server. For enterprises with extensive sites it is a great way to enhance efficiency while reducing monthly costs. Dedicated Servers are no more difficult to use than traditional virtual hosting arrangements and come with Remote Desktop/SSH allows you to control all aspects of your server remotely.

Powered by Dell Enterprise Grade Equipments
Hosting Asia has established a very strong relationship with Dell Inc. since 1994 and almost all our web and dedicated hosting services are powered by Dell's Poweredge, Powervault and Equallogic, which are designed to run CPU intensive web applications in space-constrained rack environments and they provides high performance, flexibility and availability for enterprise hosting clients.

Pay EXACTLY What You Really Need with LESS!
Why pay more for what you don't need! That's why we strongly suggest our clients to start with minimum server configuration and gradually add more resources like CPU/RAM/Storage/Bandwidth ONLY when you need them.


Service Plans:

Starter: $195/mo.

  • CPU: 1
  • RAM: 512MB
  • Storage: 20GB

Standard: $429/mo.

  • CPU: 1
  • RAM: 1GB
  • Storage: 30GB

Professional: $975/mo.

  • CPU: 2
  • RAM: 2GB
  • Storage: 40GB

Enterprise: $2,067/mo.

  • CPU: 4
  • RAM: 4GB
  • Storage: 60GB

* You can select from one of the above sample plans or build your own configuration from the base plan below.
* NO MINIMUM CONTRACT, bill by monthly and 3%/6%/12% discount for 3/6/12 months contract and pre-payment.
* The average setup time is within a few hours depends on the customized configuration.

Price in USD
* The following price is in HK Dollar (HKD)

Base Plan
Monthly Fee $195/mo.
Hardware Configuration
CPU Core, Intel Xeon (* Additional CPU requires $156/mo.) 1
RAM, MB (* Additional 512MB requires $156/mo.) 512MB
Disk Storage, Equallogic SAN 15K RPM RAID10, GB (* Additional 10GB requires $78/mo.) 20GB
Bandwidth, Total Data Transfer, GB (* Additional 10GB requires $7.8/mo.) 300GB
IP Addresses (* Additional IP Address requires $78/mo.) 1
Software Configuration

Microsoft Windows Server 2008 / 2012 2016 R2: Standard Edition $390/mo., Enterprise Edition $1,170/mo., Datacenter Edition $2,496/mo., FREE Linux OS including CentOS/Debian/Ubuntu.


Microsoft SQL Server (Express), MySQL

Remote Administration
Remote Desktop or SSH Yes
Reliability Features

Availability and Redundancy

Daily Server Backup (* Up to 7 days requires $156/mo. for the above 20GB disk storage, additional 10GB requires $39/mo.) Yes
24 Hour Server Monitoring Yes
UPS and Generator Backup Yes
99.9% Uptime Yes
Email & Calendar Features
Total 10 Email Accounts, 7.5GB each, SSL over POP/SMTP and iPhone/iPad (Powered by Google Apps) Yes
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Value Added Services:

* Fully Managed Service with 99.9% SLA is $1,560/mo., otherwise the server is unmanaged.
* Regular Managed Service is $390 per hour, minimum 2 hours.
* System recovery to original state, $390/time.
* Server Anti-Virus Protection, $78/mo.
* Real-time MRTG report on Network & CPU, $78/mo.
* Web-based Remote Reboot Panel, $39/mo.
* Private VLAN for inter-servers communication, $234/mo.
* Firewall Protection with management (upto 10 policies), $234/mo., otherwise firewall is default OS based.
* All-in-One UTM with VPN support (Powered by Untangle, 1 CPU/1GB/20GB), $546/mo. with $156 one-time setup fee.
* Dedicated International Bandwidth (1Mbps), $1,560/mo., Dedicated Local Bandwidth (1Mbps), $78/mo.
* For Multiple Servers Load Balancing Service and SSD High Performenced IOPS Solution, please contact our sales team.

Please do not hesitate to contact sales@hostingasia.com directly as we are also able to customize to your specific dedicated server requirement.


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