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You have the best support staff I have come across in my 7 years on the Internet. Your billing staff is most helpful and courteous when billing problems arise. All in all, Hosting Asia people are absolutely great!

I think Hosting Asia has by far the BEST virtual hosting program and the easiest interface in the business. Your tech support dept is top notch, but your billing dept needs to go back to school and learn basic people skills and how to deal with clients in a professional and business like manner.

Your support is great!!!

I think that your service and support have been consistently top quality. I no longer use or recommend any other hosting company but you!

I submitted several billing issues and Hosting Asia handled each promptly and courteously. It if very refreshing to find "service" in customer service.

Your support team is wonderful. They always try to give the best answer. Be proud on them!

Without any doubt they are the BEST !!!! I couldnt dream of doing this without there support and my hat's off to all that put in the hard work of taking care of us in the timely manner second to none in this type of field.

You are great. I would not change a thing. Excellent customer support!

Outstanding people! And I just signed on! Everyone I have spoke to has been friendly, considerate, helpful and even the email replies are answered quickly! Unbelievable! Must be a wonderful company to work for! If you move up the East Coast, USA, call me and I'll come work for you!

I want to highly commend the Hosting Asia support staff. I was previously with Hostnic and became dissatisfied with their service and dwindling features (they no longer offer IMail, but use another server with one 30 e-mail accounts!). It was increasing difficult to get through to them with support questions...because my websites were frequently down.

A synopsis of myself will tell you how important your customer service staff is to your business. I had never seen the internet until a month ago. I have a product I want to sell on line, so I hired a young man to "set me up to do business". I paid him $1200. He designed my web site and set my shopping cart up, then emailed me a two page letter giving me instructions to complete the process. My despair grew each day (I have a $450 a month payment at the ban for my on line product) because his instructions were not detailed enough for me to follow. I ask some people that had computer experience to help me with this. They declined because it was not an area they were familiar with. I called, in desperation, to Hosting Asia to help me. I was connected to the support team. They immediately detected my inexperience to the internet, HOWEVER, they had compassion on me and worked with me for hours EVERY night to get my business set up for orders. Nathan, Carmen and especially Windall, patiently walked me through each step until it was completed! This took many hours on their part and was so patient with me. I will tell everyone of how professional and caring you all are. I am going to do more business with Hosting Asia for sure. Thank you and God bless you all!

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